Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Generator Fun !!!!

Now I remember why I don't live in the north even more the north east..When it rains in FL the water disburses within a very short period of time but 24 inches of snow ain't going anywhere.....

Update on the generator...As we both new a repaired generator did not appear on Monday like I was told. On Monday I was transferring fuel from the storage tank to the generator when the 20 amp fuse blew. I found another 20 amp fuse and finished fueling the generator. For some reason I looked at the fuse and noted that it had also blown.

I called my supervisor and advised him of the problem. He said that the generator tech was in the area and would have him stop by and check things out. Lied to again as no technician ever showed up.....but keeping up hope I waited patiently for him to show. On Thursday another supervisor stopped by. I told him what happened and his reply was “You (note the YOU) need to replace the fuse with a 30 amp fuse and it will be OK.

Wait...What ?? the manufacturer puts a 20 amp fuse in the unit and you want me to replace with a 30 amp ???? Biggest thing here is the YOU part where it becomes my problem to get the fuses. It is now Friday and I really need to put more fuel in the generator. I look at the label on the fuel pump ..It says the motor is 20 amp....Well DUH if you have a 20 amp motor and a 20 amp fuse..It is going to blow..Long story short I went into town bought 30 amp fuses for their generator and behold life is good. Except for the fact that once again the COMPANY has not done what they should and that is maintain their equipment.

It is now Saterday early AM and the fuel and water guy has yet to show fuel is going to be a factor very soon..

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  1. I'll take my 5" of snow over your equipment issues. Hope someone gets their act together soon. Hang in there!