Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are Things Worse Than I Thought????

I am not going to preach the end of the world but here recently it ain't lookin to good. Russia invades a country and looks past that one to another. I think it will take it soon....then there is the earthquakes all up and down the Americas west coast. Next there is the matter of the giant hot spot right in the middle of the US. It is said that no eruption is expected ...Ya! Right when that thing blows we in the US are in for a ride.... Then there is the middle east. Of course that is doomed to be a struggle forever. After all one side is woman ruled and the other is ruled by men....Next there is North and South Korea the US is still at war with them.. there was never any kind of truce signed with the North. LOL and don't forget we are still at war with the Seminole Indians. We have satellites that can read the name on a golf ball and we can find hot spots light years away but no one can find an airplane????? One of the things that scares me the most is the lack of TRUE news/information sources. It just seems to me that once upon a time NEWS was reported pretty much without comment. Now the NEWS is more comment than real information.. I don't care about what you or your “chosen” experts think just tell me for example “A plane went down and we don't know where it is”. My last hold out was CNN but even they are now reporting stories that turn out to be incorrect. When the story changes they don't retract they just act like it is “breaking NEWS”. Another scary thing is the way our government is headed I will just say that the when the 99% finally get pissed.....Well that ain't gonna be pretty either. So I am going to do several things to try to keep my sanity (or drive me crazy) if something goes way wrong... 1. Expand my emergency food supply to say a month. This will include frozen as well as freeze dried and plain dried food stuffs...If you have access to quantities of veggies canning might be an option. Freezing would be good but power is going to be a problem in any emergency that I can think of. I know no one likes it but a few cans of Spam or canned ham could be a good investment. 2. I have most of these already but any or all of these radios will keep you in touch … FRS, CB (hand held), marine radio, shortwave again hand held...these can be just receivers or transmit/receivers. I would not suggest the internet as a method of communication as the internet is only as good as the nearest central office. And te government can shut it off very quickly. 3. Keep a few extra gals. Of fuel around..not much but just might get you further than the crowd of people trying to escape on the same road that you are. Remember to treat the fuel for storage 4. Pick a few destinations that you are going to use should you need to evacuate. I say a few because sight A might not work for this emergency where site B might....I think public lands might be the best answer cause you don't want to get shot by a land owner who sees you as his next threat. Be sure to let family and or friends know where you are going

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mud Slide Moment

This might be a bad subject but I am going there anyhow. Lets say you are unlucky enough to be driving on that road in Washington state. The mud slide hits and takes your car out. If you had a bug out bag in your car when the mud slide hit could it save you? We will never know unless someone is actually saved due to one being used. If the car is not completely crushed and there is a pocket of air one could survive. Now throw in an equipped bug out bag with the right stuff in it you might just survive for a very long time.. I am wondering if I should add one of those folding shovels to my bug out bag. I do carry one in my truck. They are great around the house and for camping and they can dig your butt out of the sand if you get stuck....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get Off Your Hands....

See how time flies....It has been a week or so sense I have written. Now did you do anything to prepare for the disaster? I didn't think so. We tend to put things off especially if it is going to cost us extra money. Really you can't look at as spending extra money it is an investment. After all it your future you are investing in. Trust me when a major storm hits your area and there is no supplies to be had at any price. You will be glad you invested in the extra supplies. As I have said before no need to go wild just a few extra cans of soup, or beans at each shopping trip will add up very quickly. Realize here that I am not advocating having supplies for the long term, that just isn't going to work. If we go to war and our world as we know it goes away. There is not much that a months supply of food is going to do. I am saying enough food for a week or two. Any longer than that is a whole nother logistics problem. Don't forget the non edible things that you use; toilet paper, paper towels, diapers etc. Don't forget tho that you are not going to have garbage pickup so you don't want to overwhelm yourself with out going trash. Still trying to come up with a DIY water filter that you can handle say 5 gal at a time. I say that because those paint buckets are kinda easy to get and drill holes in. One more thing I want to do is make a collection system for rainwater. I have gutters on the house and I want to modify them to feed into a tank battery. That may be more water than I can contain so I may opt to gutter my 12x24 shed and collect from it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Papers Please...

“Papers Please, identification”.. I know, I know that sounds like something you heard the Nazis say during the war. Well it could very well be something you might hear after a storm or other major disaster where they have to instill martial law. I know it seems far fetched but there comes a time in a disaster that you will have to identify yourself as well as your family members. Make copies of important documents put a copy in your grab bag and one in your food supply. Make sure you know where the originals are so when you have to leave you can get them might want to put them in some sort of waterproof container such as a zip lock bag. Laminate your id and social security cards. You can get the laminate at wally world or any office supply store. I have a car wallet that I keep in my vehicle that has copies of id's and a ten 20 dollar bill just in case....Got a scooter or motorcycle stick a bit of funds there you never know when you might need it to buy gas to get home. Sad thing is when the power go's these days everything ATM's, stores can't function, gas pumps not work. This is gong to make for an interesting might want to consider cutting up that old hose into short pieces....not advocating stealing....just sayin' a short hose just might become the new credit card..

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do You Know Emergency First Aid ??

Something we should consider is first aid and CPR. Both of these talents could be crucial in a disaster. I keep saying that I will be the one that calls 911 but WAIT there won't be a 911, or if there is it may take hours for them to get to you. I really think these classes should be free but alas most are not. The classes I have seen cost from $15 to $50. I suggest that everyone in the family take both first aid and CPR Second option would be for one to take first aid and another member take CPR and pass the training along to the other family members. It is not a good thing if one person is the medic because Murphy says that will be the klutz that gets hurt, therefore the more that know CPR and first aid the better off you should be. The thing is you can't put a price on a family member..and to perhaps watch a member bleed to death or stop breathing and not have a clue as to what to do...The question then becomes why did I make all the food and water preparations just to watch a family member bleed to death. How is your first aid kit? Still got that one that your parents had from 1930...Or have you stolen all the good band aids from it....You can get a pretty good kit from E bay or Wal_mart for less than $15 00 and what I would do I would find a fishing tackle box and start configuring it to fill my needs a bit at a time then take the store bought kit and keep it in your car.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Black Friday Shopping

Have you ever shopped on “black friday”. It is the worst shopping atmosphere that you can emagine. To many people, not enough stock. There have been long lines, fights and even people killed. That sir is x10 how it is and or will be when a desaster hits Your life. The Wal-Mart etal, if they survive the desaster, do not have the stock to supply the onslaut of people that will surly come. Do yourself a favor the next time you buy a can of chicken & stars or chillie mac get two. Get the kind that is heat and eat( no need to add water). Stick the second one on a “stock pile” shelf and forget it. Do that enough and you will soon have a diecent supply of stores..... A few safty matches a can or two of sterno and you will be good for a day or two. You need to also grab 10 cases of water and store that someplace. The water Iam getting now is 2.50 for 24 bottles so the 10 cases will set you back $25.00 again get it one at a time. I will tell you that if you must use the bottled water for everything except shower and toilet 10 cases will not last long.

Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Late, I'm late, I'm Late

Wow how time flies. I keep wanting to post but never seem to just sit and type. I was going to say to busy bus as gate guards you know that ain't so. Well this winter has turned into a cold one hasn't it. I don't know about global warming but weather global wilder it is.The gate we are on now Last gate we were on had 5 different oil companies represented. Two of which drilled wells while we were there. We thought with all thoes companies represented we woild be there for a much longet period.....But nope no fracking drilling to a different level and fracking not for me I am not a big fan of fracking anyway. The gate we are on now just opened. They have built the road and are drilling the water well. The water well is to be completed next week or the week after. The rig is to move in toorrow. They will start drilling before the water well is finished....oops. Who schedualed that....Oh well it is only money.. It is 30 degrees outside right now and at thse temps my reverse cycle heat pump stops working ( not sure I can even put heat strips in this one). This is causing me to need to run the RV gas heater and as you know they are gas hogs. And the gas ain't free where the electric is. I have one of the little space heaters but this one sure isn't one of the hotter is pretty tho...rotates and everything... just not a lot of heat. Rumors say that they are moving the rig in today..great timing guys not supposed to get over 40 degrees.....Our directive says that we are to leave the gate closed at all times....hmmmm ….we shall see.. We have to sign 4 wheelers in and out but not 18+ wheelers.