Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get Off Your Hands....

See how time flies....It has been a week or so sense I have written. Now did you do anything to prepare for the disaster? I didn't think so. We tend to put things off especially if it is going to cost us extra money. Really you can't look at as spending extra money it is an investment. After all it your future you are investing in. Trust me when a major storm hits your area and there is no supplies to be had at any price. You will be glad you invested in the extra supplies. As I have said before no need to go wild just a few extra cans of soup, or beans at each shopping trip will add up very quickly. Realize here that I am not advocating having supplies for the long term, that just isn't going to work. If we go to war and our world as we know it goes away. There is not much that a months supply of food is going to do. I am saying enough food for a week or two. Any longer than that is a whole nother logistics problem. Don't forget the non edible things that you use; toilet paper, paper towels, diapers etc. Don't forget tho that you are not going to have garbage pickup so you don't want to overwhelm yourself with out going trash. Still trying to come up with a DIY water filter that you can handle say 5 gal at a time. I say that because those paint buckets are kinda easy to get and drill holes in. One more thing I want to do is make a collection system for rainwater. I have gutters on the house and I want to modify them to feed into a tank battery. That may be more water than I can contain so I may opt to gutter my 12x24 shed and collect from it.

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