Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Papers Please...

“Papers Please, identification”.. I know, I know that sounds like something you heard the Nazis say during the war. Well it could very well be something you might hear after a storm or other major disaster where they have to instill martial law. I know it seems far fetched but there comes a time in a disaster that you will have to identify yourself as well as your family members. Make copies of important documents put a copy in your grab bag and one in your food supply. Make sure you know where the originals are so when you have to leave you can get them might want to put them in some sort of waterproof container such as a zip lock bag. Laminate your id and social security cards. You can get the laminate at wally world or any office supply store. I have a car wallet that I keep in my vehicle that has copies of id's and a ten 20 dollar bill just in case....Got a scooter or motorcycle stick a bit of funds there you never know when you might need it to buy gas to get home. Sad thing is when the power go's these days everything ATM's, stores can't function, gas pumps not work. This is gong to make for an interesting might want to consider cutting up that old hose into short pieces....not advocating stealing....just sayin' a short hose just might become the new credit card..


  1. It very clearly says to not laminate your Social Security Card. Maybe make a copy of it and laminate that. I would put it in a seal a meal bag and seal that puppy up. Zip Lock bags can leak.

    1. Thanks for the update I did not know about the non laminate thing...mine has been laminated for in my 60 years or so with a ss card I don't remember anyone ever questioning the security of the card.....