Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do You Know Emergency First Aid ??

Something we should consider is first aid and CPR. Both of these talents could be crucial in a disaster. I keep saying that I will be the one that calls 911 but WAIT there won't be a 911, or if there is it may take hours for them to get to you. I really think these classes should be free but alas most are not. The classes I have seen cost from $15 to $50. I suggest that everyone in the family take both first aid and CPR Second option would be for one to take first aid and another member take CPR and pass the training along to the other family members. It is not a good thing if one person is the medic because Murphy says that will be the klutz that gets hurt, therefore the more that know CPR and first aid the better off you should be. The thing is you can't put a price on a family member..and to perhaps watch a member bleed to death or stop breathing and not have a clue as to what to do...The question then becomes why did I make all the food and water preparations just to watch a family member bleed to death. How is your first aid kit? Still got that one that your parents had from 1930...Or have you stolen all the good band aids from it....You can get a pretty good kit from E bay or Wal_mart for less than $15 00 and what I would do I would find a fishing tackle box and start configuring it to fill my needs a bit at a time then take the store bought kit and keep it in your car.

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