Friday, January 31, 2014

Black Friday Shopping

Have you ever shopped on “black friday”. It is the worst shopping atmosphere that you can emagine. To many people, not enough stock. There have been long lines, fights and even people killed. That sir is x10 how it is and or will be when a desaster hits Your life. The Wal-Mart etal, if they survive the desaster, do not have the stock to supply the onslaut of people that will surly come. Do yourself a favor the next time you buy a can of chicken & stars or chillie mac get two. Get the kind that is heat and eat( no need to add water). Stick the second one on a “stock pile” shelf and forget it. Do that enough and you will soon have a diecent supply of stores..... A few safty matches a can or two of sterno and you will be good for a day or two. You need to also grab 10 cases of water and store that someplace. The water Iam getting now is 2.50 for 24 bottles so the 10 cases will set you back $25.00 again get it one at a time. I will tell you that if you must use the bottled water for everything except shower and toilet 10 cases will not last long.

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