Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Late, I'm late, I'm Late

Wow how time flies. I keep wanting to post but never seem to just sit and type. I was going to say to busy bus as gate guards you know that ain't so. Well this winter has turned into a cold one hasn't it. I don't know about global warming but weather global wilder it is.The gate we are on now Last gate we were on had 5 different oil companies represented. Two of which drilled wells while we were there. We thought with all thoes companies represented we woild be there for a much longet period.....But nope no fracking drilling to a different level and fracking not for me I am not a big fan of fracking anyway. The gate we are on now just opened. They have built the road and are drilling the water well. The water well is to be completed next week or the week after. The rig is to move in toorrow. They will start drilling before the water well is finished....oops. Who schedualed that....Oh well it is only money.. It is 30 degrees outside right now and at thse temps my reverse cycle heat pump stops working ( not sure I can even put heat strips in this one). This is causing me to need to run the RV gas heater and as you know they are gas hogs. And the gas ain't free where the electric is. I have one of the little space heaters but this one sure isn't one of the hotter is pretty tho...rotates and everything... just not a lot of heat. Rumors say that they are moving the rig in today..great timing guys not supposed to get over 40 degrees.....Our directive says that we are to leave the gate closed at all times....hmmmm ….we shall see.. We have to sign 4 wheelers in and out but not 18+ wheelers.

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