Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Water Water But Where?

Need water. In an emergency of any kind one of the major problems you will have is water. I happen to live near a lake so I probably will have water available. Now the lake is about 1 mile away so I will have to transport it and store some useable amount. Need to find a good non road route to the water just in case there is a reason you can't use the road. You have to assume that the water you find is non potable so you will need a way to purify it for drinking. It will tho most likely be OK for bathing and washing cloths and dishes...yes you still gotta do the dishes. Here is a trick tho for us who are on septic systems you can use the water from dishes to flush the toilet..this assumes that you are going to wash clothes and bathe in the lake or river. You are going to need a plan for purifying the water. I will say that just boiling it will not get all the “stuff” out it.. there has to be an amount of silt and other bad things in it. So some sort of filter will be needed. I have not done any research on this. I do know that most filters avail at say your local store need pressure to “pump” the water through them. There will not be a good way to get the pressure required for these filters so we will have to make some sort of drip filter. I wonder about collecting and storing rain water. I would think that unless you had collected it all along it prob won't rain when you need it. Also collecting a large amount will be easy but storing it takes a lot of room. There are a lot of plans for collecting systems on the net but wow they can be involved. Most involve a gutter and downspout arrangement into barrels. Pretty ugly. This isn’t a pretty thought but as far as the toilet goes if is is yellow save it and if it is brown flush it. Just a way to save some water flushing even with the best toilets takes over a gallon. Anyone wit any ideas throw them out there.....Until next time.......

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