Friday, November 15, 2013

Survival Ready?

Off on a new direction and I want to use you as a sounding post. I am going to research “survival”. Survival as related to storms, wars, invasion from Mars or any other disaster you might think of. After living in Florida and then the Texas outback along with the many recent disasters I started to think that I might need a plan. To start I am choosing food. Now each of us would have a different time frame that they might need to prepare for. I have to think that one needs to have no less than 7 days of food on hand. Most of us probably have nearly that in the fridge but if the power is off our fridge is of little use. So my 7 days does not include what you have in the fridge.. I think that the freeze dried foods would be the best. There are many brands and a large variety of foods from main courses to side dishes and even ice cream sandwiches. You can get breakfasts and dinners and mac& cheese so you could have three complete meals per day. I tend to think that two would be what you might want to shoot for one in the morning and the other as the night meal. The downfall of freeze dried is they need to have water and to be cooked so keep that in mind... When I first decided that I needed to have a food supply. I found a 72hour kit on sale.. I had an old 5 gal plastic paint bucket with a snap on lid...I cleaned this up real purdy put my newly gotten supply in the bucket. This is now stored in a closet with an inventory marked plainly on the side. Foods in a can are also good .. the thing to watch for is salt content. Avoid salt as much as you can ..It makes you need to drink more water and in an emergency situation you need to conserve water.... Look up meals in a jar. There are several articles about storing meals in a jar that you can actually place around your home and they are actually kinda pretty...not to cool in an RV tho.

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