Friday, March 29, 2013

I Didn't need Another Project.....

I didn't need another project......

I looked out the window to see my left front tire about 50% deflated. thinking neglect or hoping nail I started to inflate it with my handy dandy inflator, As the pressure built up a bit I could hear the leak. I ran my hand over the tread where I thought the leak was. No such luck I found the leak to be a 1 inch cut in the sidewall.

Being lazy and bit depressed I called the road service to come change the tire. While I was waiting on the road service I searched the web for replacement. Wal Mart being the closest option (and the cheapest price) I called the closest store with tire service. Now two items they don't have the tire in stock (not a shocker) and their tire machine is broken with no timeline of getting it fixed.

Here is an interesting tidbit, if I order the tire "site to store" it will take a week or so Now I can get it sooner ordering it directly with the tire department but I must be at the store to do this.....that ladies and gents is a 120 mile round trip..LOL.

I asked about mounting the tires, if the machine was fixed, and was told no appointment was necessary. but the tire would have to be a recommended tire for the vehicle....bummer it is a bit over sized, recommended is a 215/85 and I am using 235/85 difference is just a bit wider any how that lets WM out of the mounting.....BTW that is where I bought the tires.

Couple of other points to ponder, as I said it is a front tire. First I really don't want to mix tires so if I put them on the front I will need to get 2 tires that being said I will have to find someone that will put 2 new tires on the frone while having old tire on the back. This is an industry no,no.

I could move a rear tire to the front and put the new on the back which would beo OK as far as I know except for the difference in thread design.

I am thinking that to put a new tire on here in the land of very bad roads is a very bad idea. Perhaps keep the spare on until we get back to civilization to make the changes..

I didn't need another project.....

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