Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As I Said

  I will write every day.....NOT....Latest attempts at oil field work.  Company we have worked for in the past says they might have something by mid to late Jan. First company cold contacted is not taking applications until after Jan 1. Second company says they can have us on site by Jan 15.
  Looks like second company wins. at least so far we have paperwork and some questions yet to go.
  Turned the heat on in our brick and morter home yesterday ....you guessed it ....gas lit NO FAN.
 Looks like the temperature switch that turns the fan on failed...A search locally failed to produce a part so on to the internet and have parts ordered in 5 min. I opted to order all the switches 3 as they are all same age and only $10 each... Yes I know a new switch can fail just like an old one. Good news it is to remain in high 70s here in FL.
I realized that 2 of 4 tires were not balanced. It makes me mad that I had to take the old tires to them as they couldn't work on my 5er as it won't fit in their bays. I am not taking them back off soooo I am opting to use the balance beads..putting them in today.

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