Sunday, December 18, 2011

New to This

  Ok!  Everyone else is doing this so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Blogging is new to me so it probably won't be pretty. I did however write for an online site called "Suite 101" here is link... check it out perhaps there is some info you can use.
   We sold everything an hit the road nearly 10 years ago... many miles and lots of friends later has found us doing everything from printing t-shirts to, pumpkin lots to, sitting on a Wal-Mart construction site for 15 months (we know about them Texas rains).
  Our last venture was in a Jellystone campground near Cave City, KY. We were housekeepers responsible for 55 cabins. Great people but as in most campground situations housekeeping takes a backseat and they tend not to have enough help.
  We completed that job in mid October and have been sitting on our duffs since. Our goal now is to find work as gate guards. We feel this suits us better than the long term construction sitting.
  While we worked at Jellystone we used our truck camper as living quarters. Yes a bit small but really suited us well. Try living in a truck camper and it will tell you if you are married to the right person.....
  I hope to be able to Blog every day but I know it ain't gonna happen...not enough drama..and not enough time.
  Preparations are underway to get the 5er back in shape for living and travels. just put $900.00 worth of tires on it, replaces a spring shackle and washed and waxed it... We intend to be ready to travel Jan 2 if we have a job..If not it will depend on our sending out resumes to gate services this case we will probably have to travel to their location to do paperwork...I really don't like doing that but I understand everyone doesn't hire blind, they want to see your smiling face.

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