Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Ft. Worth

 Arrived in Ft. Worth yesterday afternoon. We had to start driving at 2:30am to get here in time to have a bit of down time before we went to take the test and do the paper work.

 Paperwork completed, license applied for, met the company owner. That being said and it being Friday there are no gates avail right at the moment. We are going to visit family in McKinney and then head south on Sunday. Not sure where to squat but seems that Hondo, Tx has pretty good rates. we are Escapees and there is an escapees park there.
  Just gotta get south it is to cold here ......

 Anyone knowing good (reasonable) parks down south let us know....

1 comment:

  1. let us know how the Escapees park in Hondo is if you go there. We have about 3 weeks left at this gate and will be taking a break and thought that park sounded like a good place.