Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On The Job

We got a gate..no power water or sewer but life is good....After getting lost in the middle of Nowhereville and stopping to ask directions we got to our gate around noon yesterday.

Funny thing happened on the way to the gate. We stopped at another gate to ask directions and low and behold it was Phil and Rudee's gate. We have been swapping emails for the last month. Go figure it would be their gate we stopped at.

They helped us back on track and we found nowhere in the middle of nowhere.

We stopped at a camp ground Van Ormy, TX on the way down here to spend the night. We we didn't call ahead and turns out the park was full. the people that own the park were very accommodating and allowed us to dry camp free...will recommend this park to anyone tell them you are gate guards and pass the word on...there are only 36 sites so call ahead. There is also a Loves and Valaro truck stop at the exit..

They said the generator would be here today...NOT now say tomorrow by noon...we think they ave this gen to another site that maybe didn't have there own generator....that's cool mine likes to run anyhow...4000 watt Generac runs everything we need.....for now......

Its 2 am coffee........

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  1. Cool coincidence ! We always enjoy it when stuff like that happens.