Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trucks Go IN Trucks Go Out!!!

I said that in  My Old RV Forum yesterday. I was trying to relay boredom. Here is the thin..Trucks go in and trucks go out. Now when a truck doesn't swing wide enough to keep his a** on the driveway ...he high centered with his rear end in hanging in the air over a ditch. 15 minutes later they managed to pull him over the hump and on to the paved road, which is now blocked with traffic.

Later in the day they decided to wet the road " to knock the dust down" and that being said they sprayed the road...which instantly turned to MUD. Slippery slimy MUD!!! Now the second truck to enter the site (I have to intersect here that we are parked outside the gate in sort of turn around area after passing our rig you enter the gate and travel down a narrow dirt road) got up a bit of speed prior to getting to the narrow part....when he took his foot off the gas... the trailer pushed him 20 feet straight into the ditch...Funny as hell...

Big boss came by early yesterday and told us to take the day off and let the traffic run cause there was a lot of equip to be moved... Easy for him to say. Two problems 1. there will be no record of the days traffic should anything happen and 2. the truckers art trained to STOP and we took tag #s and company names as they went by... we cover our butts and they are not untrained..

They brought us a generator today "from another site" I call BS here as it has a dead battery and the alternator is bad...Maint guy hooked a charger to it to keep it running...

We now have a generator water an lights..Ummmmm SEPTIC would be we only have 40 gal. tanks.

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