Friday, January 27, 2012

So I Went To Town

Cotulla, TX.  Is a quiet little town surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful pastures. NOT!!!! It is a small farm town in cattle country. Riddled with abandoned buildings of business gone. Made dusty and dirty by endless trucks passing through. Trucks of all sizes half pints to half tons to mega mothers. It was rare to see a car.

I went in search of a laundromat and grocery store. I Googled for a laundromat and found that the Valro truck stop was equipped. So I entered the info into my GPS and off I go. While in route to the truck stop I discovered "the" grocery store. Ya know I can't tell you the name of the store. It sells "Sure Fine" as its store brand but I'm not sure I even looked at the name on the front. I guess it will remain "the" grocery store.

Back n the search for the laundromat I found the truck stop. Laundromat NOT!!! Now getting a bit late and not wanting to sleep deprovate or over work my wife I decided to return to the boonies and reschedule my laundry search another day......Whoa!!! Wait that sign says laundry 1 block....yuppers found the laundromat....thanks Google NOT!!!! But it will wait for another day...

So I have my mail service forward my mail to Cotulla general delivery plan my trip to town waitin until I thought the mail would have enough time to get there. NOT!!! Seems I put a 5 rather than a 4 in the zip code and it went to Baton Rouge, LA and is being forwarded to Cotulla....

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