Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Woah!!!! Slow Down!!!!!

1.The trucks go in and the trucks go out.
2. The site is a 3 mile stretch of Texas coleche.
3. Each of the trucks has 18 wheels.
4. Each of those wheels will carry at leas some of the coleche from the site road to the main road.
5. Truck traffic has been intense for the last three days.
6. The site entrance is on the outside of a banked curve speed limit is 55.... 80 if you have a Texas tag.
7. Today it rained. It was really just a shower bout 5 minutes long but long enough to turn the coleche into mud.
8. Today it rained. The main road is now turned into mud.
9. We ain't the only drilling site on this road.
10. This can't be the first time this situation has happened.

So why is there 3 wrecks within sight and reportedly there are more closer to town...SLOW DOWN!!!!

It is raining now pretty hard 3:30 am, tornado warnings, winds to 60 mph and hail to 2".. YA' just gotta love Texas rain storms.... I'm gonna hunker down now.....wait I got no place to do that....

As I was signing in people today I  (of course) asked for company name and as a follow up "What do you do?"  The only response I knew anything about or really recognized was "intercoms".

Being from Fl. I know nothing about all of this is quite new. That being said I was looking over my Guest log and realized that there several companies I pondered that thought for a moment I wondered how many ________ it took to drill an oil well???

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  1. Ah, Texas My Texas . . . home of caliche that turns to mud with one drop of rain! Roadrunners and rattlesnakes. Of course, there are beautiful scenes, too. Enjoying your posts about gate guarding back in "my country" while we are working here in NJ. Hang in there - duck and cover when the twisters come a'callin'! :)