Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Weeks In

After two weeks...some thoughts about the job, and other stuff.
Rain is our worst enemy. And it's rainy today.
Still playing with the drive alarms to get them further away for longer notice.
Everyone has been friendly...sure makes the job easier..
Everyone of the people entering the site wants you to remember them by name....perhaps after another 2 weeks..
Jonesing for a book and I don't read that much....
TV at 3 am sucks....250 paid program channels, QVC and CNN.....
I used to write for a site called Suite101. Look for RV articles there.
Oil language is foreign. Rat hole???? Rod buster???
Found a dime and a penny on the ground in front of the RV so I'm pretty sure there were humans here before.
Now that I think about it daytime TV ain't that much better...
We still grill out most every night...Just don't always get to eat at the same time.
Still putting off setting up the internet dish....don't know why??? To busy LOL!!!
The roadrunner visits us every day.....Now we are starting to see a I see a cartoon here??
Never seen so many companies represented in one place..

We are sitting outside the gate 3 miles from the site..we don't know nutten bout da goins on but now they are not calling it Petrohawk the name now mentioned is Talisman Energy ....

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