Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness???

OK !!! The rumors persist that "Talisman" Is bringing in a rig to drill what will be the fifth well on our site. Three are finished, not sure if they are actually producing at this point, One well is thr one that they drilled on our watch. they are installing tanks and support stuff but it hasn't been fracked yet.

Back to the rumors the story is (was) that the rig is (was) to be here this week. So far NOT..... I will tell you tho there have been several "Talisman" people on site but they don't stay long. A company "Cude" is building two mysterious pads that could be drilling sites. The reason I say mysterious is these sites are fenced rather than the finished wells that are not fenced.

Next bit of news has nothing to do with us (so far). They are building a distribution center or pumping center or whatever it is right behind us it covers 16 acres. there is a lot of activity. Moving dirt and putting pipe in the ground. Nothing above ground yet. I'm thinking it is going to be the "head end" for the 5 or more wells that are on this site 

We have been on site for 45 days now and I am amazed that everyone has been so nice and friendly...this is quite a difference from the construction guarding where they all seem to be pissed all the time. 

We have seen Mr. Roadrunner and Mr Coyote a bit more lately....and it looks to me like the trees are starting to bud ans the cactus seems to be a bit greener lately...If all the cactus bloom it will be a wild scene...definitely a Kodak moment....Are they still in business????

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