Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something About A Coil Over?

I asked 3 or 4 people what was happening. Pretty much what I got out of it was whatever they are doing was only to take one day.

Ding ding 3am..the trucks start coming in with weird stuff on them. I gotta start taking pictures. It is the first time I have seen liquid nitrogen in use sense my time with the space program. Anyhow they brought all kinds of equipment in including 3 regular RVs. Lots of traffic all day... then then yesterday 24 hours later vroom vroom they pull out everything gone by 8pm.
 It is now 7am and haven't had a customer sense last night.

Wife saw Wiley Coyote two times yesterday. Again need to get pictures. I would take more pictures but it is rather bleak here unless you you are on slo motion...

I can't wait till these thorny trees bud out. Perhaps that will purdy up the place.

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