Monday, March 26, 2012

Water Well is in

The water well is in. The casing is in the ground and cemented. The crew left yesterday saying that they would return Tuesday.

What remains to be done? We have no idea what is next, rumor ..they need to drill out , unplug or cleanout the well. Perhaps concrete gets into the pipe???  Also there are no pumps or pluming to the well at this point so that still has to be done.that being said it dosen't have to be done anytime soon.

The frack pond talk has stopped, nothing lately. So unless there is more work to be done we speculate we need to be on ready to bail.

I'm wondering here a bit. The last gate we were spoiled with with one of those light towers. It had 4 huge lights and cranked up to a height well over the rv and lit the entire surrounding area. This time however we have 2 of the small "work" lights. they are on a stand OK but the stand is 4' at best. These lights suck the generators power as well as not providine a lot of light, and they are dangerously HOT.

What can or have ya'll done to help this situation. I'm thinkin that if they were higher it might help but there is not  an easy way of doing that.

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