Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saved by a Frack..

Yesterday they brought in the first piece of equipment for the frack pond. A huge weed whacker, kinda looked like one of those things that they use to explode land mines without the chains. They bushwhacked a very large area. this machine took the underbrush and chopped it into chip sized pieces.

Today they brought in an earth mover. the kind that picks up the dirt from the underbelly. The man told me that the pond would take 3 to 4 weeks to complete depending on weather and whatever. Amazingly enough that is the perfect timing we were hoping for.

Granddaughter graduates from Mizzo on May 12. After graduation will depend, if there is work avail for us we will take it if not we might get to go home for a week or so. We will return to work through the summer and fall with 2nd air conditioner installed in the 5er.

We had to replace the air unit a couple of years ago and we upgraded to a 15k unit. That being said it can already be told that when the temps get higher as Summer approaches we will want that second unit if only for day use.

Update on the Water well. The well itself is complete but due to the rain (mud) they can't dismantle it. They tried yesterday 2 stuck 18 wheelers, and 2 others slid off the road and that was only what I could see from the gate...I was reminded of "Keystone Cops". I drove to the well site today and it is still flooded. Not sure when they will get their rig down and out....Oh Ya! I remember it all pays the same...

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