Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blast From the Past.

I was brain dead today when I went to write a blog. I wanted a bit of inspiration so I looked at some old stuff I had written for For a site called Suite101.  I wrote this in  March of 2007. Seems like a good time to post again.
I seem to be unable to keep regular resolutions so I thought I'd list some that come to mind that we all could use...With the hopes that some might become traditions. 
Another year bites the dust. Time again to make those resolutions for the New Year. I resolve to do, quit or be _________________ (insert words here) use better, more, less, or different this year. Well let’s reflect back to last year. Do you even remember what your resolution was? I don’t. Much less having kept it.

I generally don’t like to make resolutions cause I’ve never kept the ones I’ve made. And it would seem that any time I have done anything in that realm it was not due to a resolution.
With that being said here are some resolutions I am making for this year. I would like to pass these along to you in hopes that perhaps some of these would catch on.

1. Take time to reflect on the day. Remember that chair that’s on the front porch? Grab a beverage and chill.

2. A random act of kindness. At least once a month do something for someone. Just any little thing, maybe it will catch on.

3. Say hi to a stranger and speak to your neighbors. See that person in the same place every day as you drive by? Wave to them every day. How many days did it take for them to wave back?

4. Hug and kiss your wife and kids every day. We so much take our family for granted.

5.Drive with your headlights on and turn your temper off. The first is easy.

6. Read a book. It’s a lost art.

7.Save a few dollars towards retirement. Something us older folks should have been doing but it’s never to late.

8. Do something for your community. Perhaps a stroll down the road with a picker-upper and a bag.

9. Recycle something and tell someone that you are. I had to take some items to the landfill (great name for dump and should really be called trash mountain) and was reminded of just how much crap we throw away.

10. Say thank you to all the military men and women, firepersons, police and teachers that you see during your travels. It just seems to me that we give actors more credit than we do these people and that is just wrong.

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