Monday, April 16, 2012

Gravy Train Over!!!

For the last couple of weeks we have been riding that train.... No, Nada, None, traffic at night crews left at 6pm and came to work at 8 am.... As we were put on the gate when it was a 24 hour operation we were thinking that after the shift to 8 hours we had been forgotten. seems that this in fact was the case. When the oil co. rep visited the site to see progress he realized that we were still there. Well the next day (Wednesday)we were told that Friday we would be released.

We immediately reported the (rumor) to our company which had a gate for us to go to only 40 miles away. We are really grateful to them for making that happen...

This new gate is a double pad gate. to one side is a new drill which is in the workover stage as we speak. As a matter of fact they just finished the work and rig is down. They will clrar pad by noon today.

In the other direction is a pad with two wells on it. The wells have been completed and they are building the tank part, with a connecting pipeline between the two pads. . Lots of welders scurrying around and jack stands everywhere.  

This is the friendliest gate thus far..the guys drive up to our trailer to sign in and out. The actual gate is like 300' from our rig so doing this is greatly appreciated.

I have to wonder now that the rig is leaving if we will be relieved, as the rig was the only operation on 24 hours. We certainly hope not we need to wor a couple of more weeks before we need to leave...

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