Saturday, April 28, 2012

OH !!! FRACK !!!!

When I was growing up I had a whole nother meaning for "Laying Pipe". Well here is a story of laying pipe least at our gate.

First our gate is a "tweener" that is there are two pads and the gate is "tween" them. Both pads have two gas wells they are all ready to be fracked. So last Wed (after us being here bout two weeks) we see a frantic crew running like scared roaches scattering pipe, Welders everywhere, a broken trencher, two track hoes. What the hell is going on? The trucks are coming the trucks are coming. they are bringing in the frack equipment and people on Friday. We need to get this pipe in between pads done before then.
I know the obvious question " why did you wait.....never mind.
They had to cut the road between pads three places (oh that wont take long). Well they were packing the last cut as the first trucks arrived. Way to go guys you beat the clock...this time.

It is now Saturday and the bulk of the frack stuff is arriving and being placed. I'm glad that I can't see the pad as it is a bit small and there are 16 trucks with equip.
They are fracking the two wells on pad A then moving equip to pad B I have no idea how long this will take and don't really care cause we are leaving on Friday.
Actually met the company man yesterday and he (at this point) seems to be a nice guy. On that note I will feel bad leaving people that are good to work with. On the other side I don't mind passing on a good site.( doesn't seem like you might be running out on a  bad deal).

We must go to a graduation then return to FL where we will put another AC unit in the 5er. I have already purchased the unit and it will be waiting on us when we get to FL. I hope that it will only take one good day to install.

Some info to pass on here I learned that a "hard start kit" for air conditioners was not necessarily for older units but in fact to make the units easier to start on generators.

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