Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Vacation !!!

Beer Beer Beer......So.. A man walks into a convenience store and asks for a six pack of beer. What brand asks the clerk? Doesn't matter says the man "I'm a gate guard".

I'm kinda reminded of the song line that says "six weeks on the road and I'm gonna be home tonight".. I gotta say that we have only been off the gate for a week and I do kinda miss it.

I guess we got off the gate just in time..The rains have hit and I'm sure that ain't purddy!!! We didn't have Calechie , but rather reddish clay.. still the continuous trucks turned it to powder and with the rain it is prob close to 2" mud.

The generator that we had last was an 8 kw. We have only one Air unit. The couple that replaced us have two units plus the lights at that site are the 500 watt work lights times 4......We were on site for about a month with no generator problems...the new couple have been there 1 week and the generator is toast. overloaded and apparently non repairable and was replaced by a generator/ light tower unitthat is way bigger. I was asked what I thought of the 8 kw generators when we left and (you know my mouth) told the company man they weren't big enough for the job...perhaps in winter when not using air so much, but as temps climb and people start using one or two airs....

By the way one of our tasks when we get to FL is to install a second air unit in our rig....LOL don't even show up with one of them thar toy generators.....

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