Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Time No Update

Just sayin..It has been awhile from last posted.
We left south TX. for the Dallas area, met up with family. Headed to MO to watch granddaughter graduate from U of MO. Back to Dallas. Parted family drove to FL arrived home to find all well with house after 5 months being gone.

I bought an air conditioner off Ebay it arrived just after we did.  Now waiting on help to get the damn thing on the roof. all the work inside has been done..ran power to new breaker in power panel..had to find 12 volts supply. luckily there is a light that has continuous 12v within reach and I tapped into it and ran wire to where unit will go. Mounted the thermostat on wall...all is ready for the unit to go in.....Will get help this weekend to get it on the roof ......I did forget to mention that there is a part missing that will be here next week (I hope) that I will need to complete the install.....

Had to replace the faucet in the kitchen. just can't trust the cheepies as the last one $40 didn't last one year..This one $70 is at least all metal.

Here is something that I found while researching air conditioners.. When they talk about easy start kits they are referring to larger starting caps that are like 2 times as powerful as the factory ones...this means that it is less load on your generator to start the if you have two airs the easy start will really help...also if you are running close on the size of the generator.

We wer really surprised to see that the canals in our area were dry as we had heard that there was rain in FL but NOT one neighbor has made a golf hole in his used to be 10 feet deep....not good here ...lawn is dry, dry, dry...crunches when you walk on it. It will take a lot of rain to fill the lakes back to normal...

Still planning on returning to TX for work around 15 of June...Sure hope all the jobs are not taken!!!

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