Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Raining in FL

It is raining here in FL. Just sayin', funny to see rain come straight down when in TX it seems that the wind associated with rain is at least 60 mph. This is third day in row that it is raining...we have NO caliche only sand so we don't bust our a** when we step out the door..

The air conditioner project is almost done...the missing part should be here tomorrow. and unit should be up and running  shortly after that...

Looking ahead to returning to work...we will return to TX (there are still NO jobs in FL.) In hopes of gate work being avail..We know that calling now about jobs mid next month is bad as companies just don't know that far in advance. When a job does become avail is seems that it's get there yesterday..
OH ya! and btw hit the ground running...the trucks are lined up..and you haven't even parked yet.....

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