Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It' a bat !! It's a bird !! It'sboth !!

We have dusk and dawn visitors that fly around our security light tower. They are called "Bull Bats' or "Night Hawks". They are neither Bats nor Hawks but are in fact Swallows.They only eat flying insects and have a feast on the flying that the lights attract. They fly slower than most birds, bat like.They dont flap their wings like a bat, bird like. I can see why they get confused. As a side note they were once called Goat Suckers or Cow Suckers...the herders thought that these swooping things were trying to land on the herd to suck the blood. Actually they were just eating the bugs that the animals would scare up as they walked in the grasses.

Thoughts on Aurora, CO....Damn shame it happened I don't see a way to stop these actions from happening. We do however need a way to keep guns from these people. Altho even if you stop the guns there are many other ways...He could have walked in there as a human bomb. By what was said about his apartment he certainly knew how.

Thoughts on Pen State....Someone please tell me why Jo Pa , and apparently several other higher ups, would allow this Sandusky guy to operate for over 12 years?? Something is very wrong with that picture. On the penalty. My first thoughts were that the penalties were justified. But after a few clock ticks I'm not sure penalizing the school has anything to do with what was done by these men. Sandusky is in jail Jo Pa is dead Others will go to jail I'm sure and there will be a jillion civil lawsuits. $ 65 million to child abuse is great but will probably never be seen by the people that it is/ was intended for..As for the school it's reputation has been ruined by the actions of these people. The football program will take years to recover if ever and the school in and of itself did nothing.

Don't hate me for my comments but please comment your feelings and opinions...I am very open minded...

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