Friday, July 20, 2012

Interesting people I have met!

From time to time I would like to tell of some of the people I have met . Here is one! 
Was working on the telephone system ( at Night) at the Marine base in 29 Palms, CA. A coworker and I Had the day off so we were sitting at the bar at the 29 Palm Inn bout 3 pm and in walks this couple he was dressed normal and she had on "running" gear. 
 BTW everything was done in the bar eat, drink and renting rooms...any how this couple asked if they could rent a room for a few hours at a reduced rate. The bartender my friend and all glanced at each other knowingly, but that was not the case. She was and did run from the Pacific (LA)to the Atlantic (NY). They wanted to shower and rest during the heat of the day and then when cooler run again as 29 Palms is in the desert. 
 The bartender didn't have the authority so I let them use mine for the afternoon....we gave them drinks (iced tea) and bought them dinner before the began the days leg...
 I ran with her about 4 miles that night we then  hugged and said our goodbys...and that was that...about 6 months later I got a post card from her from New York she had completed her quest ran some 3900 miles...tears came to my eyes.....

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