Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 Fireworks

Cannot be seen from here!!! Unless you count the eternal flame on the pad closest to us.....

The heat and relentless wind takes its toll on us as we don't get a chance to get into the RV at all during the day... Which ever of us that is on duty hardly gets a bathroom break without having traffic waiting... and as you know when they have to wait more than 15 seconds they MUST honk their horn...not unlike when they are on the phone pr preoccupied in their truck and you hand up the clipboard and they don't even know you are there.."HEY GOTTA SEC" I holler...Oh I'm sorry....nope just a paw out the window and guess what they ain't even got a pen!!!!

I don't want to get to political but we as voters need to really pay attention to what we are being fed by the media and the politicians. I have checked some of the "facts" that have been spouted and they just don't check out....The other point I would just love it if they would actually tell us what they are going/want to do as president rather than just the continuous bashing........ 

We have only been on this job for 20 days and I already have the "hitch itch"  and planning the trip home..Should not do this as it makes the time go much slower.

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