Monday, July 2, 2012

Rain Today Hot Tomally!!!!

Holy crap Batman!!!! Because I was running my mouth about no rain the other day, yesterday evening we got hammered. Winds of near 60 and rain lots of rain. Everything survived the easy-up and the satellite dish are pretty vulnerable but they made it..the only damage was another easy-up that the safety people have about 200 yards down the road from us....well now 300 yards.

My truck is standing in water and looks like it will for a couple of days as there is no place for the water to drain.. Gotta do something bout that tho..we use the tailgate to cook on almost every night....
 We are lucky tho it rained so hard and fast that it washed the slippery mud off the top and we got rock bed for a while...NO DUST DAY!!!!!!!!

Why is it when you are 40 miles from a store you forget stuff?

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