Sunday, July 1, 2012

5pm Weather Report

Hot as Hell and the the afternoon winds are at their normal 20 to 30. Clouds are forming up and rain is predicted ... but zip, nada, much for 50% chance.

The fracking has been completed lots of huge toys going out...whoop whoop!!!! down to 6 pages for today.

Note to ya'll clean your air conditioner filters at least every other day. With all the traffic creating extra dust and the higher heat levels  the need for clean filters is a must...If you don't have wash and replace filters now is the time to convert..have two, one in and a clean spare to swap......

We had a visitor yesterday, while I was gone. It seems it was a particular busy time with several in's and out's....this person does a bit of an introduction ..seems they work the gate down the road for XYZ Company (not one I have herd of before) and certainly not the one we work. So a truck comes in and the wife asks the persons name and jots it in the log...This person says you are supposed to check drivers license.....Did I mention she don't work for the same company...... next there was a group of trucks going out...rather than just letting wife do her job...this person decides that she needs to read off the tag #s....Did I mention that she works for another company......Just sayin' my wife bit her tongue and and just made light of the situation..

Well this brought up the question of checking yes or no!!! I went to the oil boss he says it is really up to the land owner what the requirements are.....So I went to the land owner he only wants the name written or printed and the tag #.....

Please feel free to stop by and chat but please let us run the gate..We might be newer than you but we have had no complaints so far on 4 different gates...

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  1. Some seem to think that gate guarding is akin to rocket science and they are the scientist. Don't know how you kept your cool. I wouldn't have. Enjoy your blog.