Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Story of Tom Story

I had taken a job in the engineering department ( 4 people)of a small electronics firm. My bosses name was Tom Story. He was a great, always had a smile on his face and a joke or two to tell. When things didn't go well his thought processes were not to blame any one but rather just move on th how do we fix the situation.
During that time in my life I was an aspiring runner, well jogger. I liked to run about three miles. The roads near where I lived there was not much side room any you wound up running very close to traffic. I was looking for a safer place to run. My search took me to a nearby high school. I normally don't like to run on a track but I heard that this was the latest in technology.  The track was made of rubber and per usual was situated around a football field. I parked my truck donned my shoes warmed up and hit the track.

On like lap three I see the scoreboard and I see that the field is dedicated to a Tom Story. Wow I thought how cool is that that this guy has the same name as my boss....

Next day I go to work and was talking to boss Story and told him of my find at the track...he went totally pale on me kinda shushed me up and took me to the side. He looked around and said told me that it was him that it was named after.  He had put a lot of time and effort in the sports department and in recognition they had named for him. What are you being so weird for I asked? He told me that he found it to be a bit embarrassing to have everyone know and would I keep his secret....

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