Thursday, August 9, 2012

Long Slow Days of Summer!!!

When the days temperatures start with 80 you just know it will make 100 easy.... Please don't let the air conditioners fail. Anyone living in an RV knows it wouldn't take long for it to be unbearable inside. Not to mention  finding someone to work on the thing.. Much easier to replace it ...biggest problem is getting it on the roof...Hint push it up a ladder!!!!

I guess the gate guard forum is gone due to employer using non disclosure as the reason..probably true but I bet they were afraid of guard company info being passed along rather than oil field...and I can understand that.

For this blog I will keep on with whatever comes along. The gate guard blog was getting hard to think about, zzzzzzzzz  sorry I fell asleep again. I will try my best to blog every day tho it may be short.

We haven't given  notice yet but we are leaving for FL the first part of Sept. Hope to make some interesting stops along the way.

If there is something that you would like to see me blog about please let me know.

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