Friday, August 10, 2012

Wonly Only Stuart

I had a supervisor at one time whose name was W. O. Stuart. We all called him Stew. We were all sitting around one day waiting on the count down clock to start back up.Conversation got around to his name W. O. Stuart. what does the W. O. stand for? His reply ..nothing my name is really W. O. Stuart.
He asked us if we wanted to hear a story about his initials W.O. We had time to kill so go ahead.
When he entered the military one of the first things that came about was what did the W.O. stand for nothing my name is W. O. Stuart...Gotta stand for something says the guy behind the desk it can't be just W.O... Sir believe me my name is W. (only) O. (only) Stuart. The guy behind the desk immediately started typing after a few minuets the guy hands him his new military ID and orders...with his name typed boldly across the pages  .....He was forever after Wonly Only Stuart for 20 years in the military.
After retiring from the military with all other ID's long gone he had a hell of a time getting the "onlys" removed.
"Shudda never told us that story Wonly." as he was called from then on.

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