Friday, August 24, 2012

My How Time Flies.

NOT!!! Unless you are speaking of time between posts....Today is down to day 16 (more to go) till we leave beautiful Texas scrub brush.

Haven't had a lot to say lately... to late to start a project and to soon to start packing...and I thought LIMBO was a dance..

Sense we gave out notice two things have started to occur????? Supervisor shows up every week on different days ans times...our fuel and water delivery's have become very sporadic.....Have had to ask for fuel two weeks in a row and now the water is a day late this week????? Just sayin??

I don't want to get to political or religious here but I have a question on abortion. Lets say Romney wins and they pass the constitutional amendment to make all abortions illegal. This says that all women that become pregnant (no matter how) give birth....OK for some but what about the women who for whatever reason ( any reason not just rape) don't want the baby before it is born (and would have gotten an abortion). Does anyone think that if they didn't want the fetus they probably don't want the baby...I see two things 1. a lot more baby's on doorsteps and 2. A lot more mistreated children at home..

Do you think the abortionists have thought about this? care about this ? or have they addressed this?

Nuf of that..are the donuts ready???

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