Monday, August 27, 2012

And then There The A-holes

 A personal truck drives up to the gate (no id on the side truck is not white). I approach the truck, speak and go to the rear to get the tag info. next I go to his window and hand him the clip board (standard for this gate) say please (always) print your name on this side and sign on the other. He says ( his first words) "I am only going to look at the new site". I say "you need to sign in sir". he took the clip board from me and was writing when I asked to which site he was going..he said "the new one I don't know where it is but I will know it when I see it" "sir we have 13 active sites on the property and several in the drawing stages do you know the letter of site are you looking for"?

He says to me "You need to be very careful here and remember who you work for, I work for Chesapeak". "That may be but I am here to record who goes in and where they are going. Chk and the property owner have me log the destination I have a map here". He cuts me off and says you don't understand who you work for I will call your company and you will be out of here tonight....I said "make the call"
No id on the chk shirt (most chk around here have some donated shirt on), and when I look at th clipboard cand read printed name (2 letters) no company name in block and no destination and sig that you cant read....

When he came out I watched and he did go to the drill rig that is about 3oo feet from our front door I am sure he was who he said he was....


  1. That Jerk just reminded me of supervisors I had to put up with throughout my career. New on the job and they want you to do it their way. I saw them come and I saw them go and I stayed on the job until I decided to retire.

    Life would be so much easier if the Jerks would help make your and my job easier with just a little common curtesy. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    PS those word verifications are getting impossible to read. Most bloggers have stopped using it.

  2. I have heard some stories of other gate guards having issues with some of the stupidvisors at Chesepeake. I think I would let the security and safety people know about this jerk. I would also put a bug in the ear of the ranch owner if you are on good terms with them. Not a reason in the world to act this way, none!