Sunday, September 2, 2012

Random Stuff

Now we are getting closer to leaving it seems to get further away. I know I can sure taste that first beer. I want to start getting things in order but just a bit to soon. Funny yesterday the rear view mirror and the drivers spot mirror fell off the truck.

As one that worked at Cape Kennedy on the Apollo project  hated to hear that Neal Armstrong had died. I did meet him several times over 10 years. It was the norm for astronauts to have jobs or just watch launches from inside the blockhouse. On complex 34 and 37 the block houses were very small. approximately 50 to 75 people were locked in during a major test or countdown. Most of the people in the blockhouse were a regular part of the "launch team" and "visitors" would always meet with everyone.

BTW nothing became of my "brush "with the a-hole. I suspect that he was some wannabe and really had no hoots pa.

Fracking is over  for now at least. They did two wells while they were on site today will be get your crap outta here cause they can't move on Monday.

Rain yesterday just enough to make mud for the trucks to sling everywhere....Not as much fun here no trucks sliding off the slippery road into  the ditch.

6:30 am and it is still dark and the daylight time doesn't end until Nov.

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