Sunday, September 23, 2012

It Has Been A Busy Month

My goodness how time flies when you are not having fun.

We left our gate approx 10 am. The new couple had just arrived we had not moved our rig as we were "icing" down the inside for the cats.

The new couple , bless them for they know not what they were in for" it is their first gate and this place remember has 13 well sites and they just started fracking one of the wells. Our supervisor was also there, interestingly he rarely ever came to the site but as we were explaining "this site" to them he decides to be a supervisor and start "correcting" what we were saying. For instance we are on that site because the land owner wants us there not Chesapeake. I know that our company gets paid by Chesapeake....any how the ranch man stopped by to introduce himself and after he leaves I was explaining the situation which the supervisor steps in and says that is never the case and we are always there due to the desires of the oil company...... Out of 4 gates we have been on it has been at the request of the land owner not the oil company...but what do I know!!!!

Remember we were traveling across I10 from TX to FL right after the hurricane. We thought we would hit bad weather at any moment but didn't happen until we hit homw..pretty much been raining every day sence we got home!!!!

When we got here I discovered that "lightning" had taken out the water well, the airconditioner and my dsl modem......

The air conditioner was the outside fan motor and starter cap $100. Trouble shot and replaced my self.
The well had a burned ground wire and toasted switch at the well....$10.
Modem free replacement from provider.....I did however go to Wally and get a spare as we use a internet phone service service. it took 5 days for them to ship and it was ordered

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