Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So I Am A Dumb Ass

So I was sitting in my comfy chair....and my wife said hey they are looking for people to help set up the new Family Dollar store down the road. Well my interest perked as I have done some of this in the past. I applied on-line and in a few days i got a call to go for an interview. off I went thinking that they wouldn't want to hire me as an old fart. I talked to the new manager and was hired for a temp job to last 10 days. I figured I'd try if to hard for me I would excuse myself and move on. Well after two really bad days barely making it I found a second breath and vowed to finish the 10 days. worst part was unloading 3 full trucks by hand......

So now with one day left it seems that they hire the perm employees from the temp crew??? Why wouldn't they say that? I have one day left to fulfill the original job description. that being said nothing has been said about how or who or when any decisions will be made..That being said I see it as a red flag to how they treat employees.

I gotta tell ya tho the manager keeps calling me George so I figure that Barry (me) ain't got a chance.

Why the dumb ass the job pays 7.67 per hour.after taxes and stuff aint gonna be squat for A LOT OF HARD HARD WORK....

Looking more and more like we will be back in the oil fields in Jan....

I have to say that I am sure glad that that storm Sandy stayed the hell away from FL. Holy crap what a hit in NJ and NY.

I am a bit confused by the number of generators that are under or at ground level.put the damn thing
\on the roof.......

Ok so you buy a generator for emergencies...how much gas do you keep on hand I have a 4k gen it uses about 5 gal for 12 to 18 hours depending on load. So if you have 4 /5 gal cans that is only 4 to 5 days, then what??? you best have a plan..

By the way if anyone knows of companies wanting help up there let me know ..have trailer will travel!!

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