Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day At Family Dollar

Well I didn't get hired at the Family Dollar store that I took the temp job at..DUH...I was told 10 days and that's what I expected. Thing is Management was not forthcoming with what they were doing as to hiring. If you intend to hire from your temp crew SAY SO and if you want to hire me or someone else SAY SO we are supposed to be adults tell the people what is happening..It is only fair. The fact that that you keep the facts secret is a red flag that I don't want to work for you any how.

I am amazed at the damage that the Hurricane did. I always hear I won't go to Florida because of the storms. Well guess what They seem to miss Florida and then slam other states.

Does any one sell on E-bay just askin , we have been selling from the very start of E-bay it is a great place to make a bit of tax free money. Problem is it has a bit of a learning curve to be able to price things and then charge a reasonable shipping without getting screwed. If you can find a nitch you can make pretty good money and it is tax free....

Speaking of the North East any one know of jobs up there related to the storm? Have camper can travel!!!!

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