Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Is Over

And I am glad Obama won. We gave George W 2 terms to screw us lets see if Obama can get us out in 2. I really think he has the best intentions for our country. I also don't think he has had enough time nor cooperation to get much done. Not sure how he can break the Rep. Dem. deadlock. It seems impossible to me that all Republicans and all Democrats vote the same way on issues. Obviously they are not listening to what we the people want and are on their own agenda. Has any congressman   asked you your opinion lately?  Actually they shouldn't have to we have internet and email and a vote... Many of these people have been there way to long.....

Nuff of that, seems to be getting cold early this year? I just called my propane company and asked what was min delivery....60 gallons....Ok how much is that going to cost...$351.60..WTF I thought we had soooomuch Natural gas. Looks like profit taking to me..... The oil companies need to be controlled...sorry for so much government but it is a fact jack!!!

Snow in the Northeast slap now back slap....Still have lot of people without power and water from Sandy......There just is no way to get that kind of help to the area...Just not enough resources that can be spared from their normal areas..

Looks like we are destined for the oil fields the first of the year as there are still no jobs in Fl for us old farts that have to work.....

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