Friday, November 9, 2012

Not A Lot Going On So A Ramble.

What the hell are these (christian) people thinking when they use words like "baby killer" and "antichrist". Stop this crap it ain't gonna help. I am not to sure that those words should even be said by a supposed Christian....

Now to my bitch about the election. Way to much money spent on two people to serve us for 4 years. I herd the figure 3 billion dollars spent by both sides. Just waves the red flag that there are other interests than us.

I was just watching CNN and the Republicans are NOT going to bend at all. guess WE THE PEOPLE need to start talking louder.

Terlingua property seems like a good deal right now huh...Woah I just looked and there ain't a lot left to purchase.

I had the opportunity to run a toll booth. I threw my 75cents in the basket watched as it went down the hole and bingo the light doesn't change. No time to search for more coins so I went on. The alarm goes off and I know I am busted. So now I get this letter with a large banner across the top which says UNPAID TOLL VIOLATION. First thing I look for is a how do I explain what happened ..nope not any block for that it pretty much says pay or we issue a traffic violation.
WOAH wait it has a picture of my tag only it ain't my tag!!! more to follow, gotta make a phone call...

OK phone call made..after a few questions I told the woman that it was not my tag. One moment please....OK sir it is a miss read the violation is no longer in effect. cool!!!!!

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