Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Five Days

On the gate and today is the first time we have had traffic. The company man says that the rig is to move tomorrow. That is OK with me...let's get the party started.

Our gate is at the end of a very ruff road. You make a right turn and up a pretty steep grade to get into the gate. This makes for the need to make a very wide turn and then no time for the heavy loads to get a run at the hill. Gotta get the camera ready gonna be some grunting up the hill and ass draging at the bottom.

The weather couldn't be better, highs near 80 and lows above 50.

Went to town today to do laundry in Dilly, TX.  Town sign says " A little slice of the good life"... I guess I missed that part of town. I thought I might bring a pizza home but alas there is no pizza in Dilly.

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