Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Passing Time

Time seems to pass quickly when it comes to writing the blogs.

We are settled in here in scrub country and the daily activities has turned into daily routine. We have to keep the gates closed, this is a major pain.

I had two more paragraphs written and looked away from the screen....I look back and they are GONE.

Wife is planning a trip when this stint is over which means I probably have to route threw Dallas to get to FL. Not exactly the most direct route nor is that a fun town dragging 34 feet behind you...Maybe I can take 3 days to get to FL. And stop long enough to take a tour of the USS Alabama in Mobile. Did this once but did not see all of the ship. By the way if you pass threw and have time I highly recommend this stop... There is a rest stop right down the road that says no overnight parking but the attendant says it is not a problem.

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