Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mind Dulling

I put a portable grill together today....I usually think of this as a task.. But out here in gate guard world it is something to do. Things to do are important as you must keep your mind working. At least I have to, I can only stare into space for so long...Projects that can be done out here are kind of limited. We have time... a lot of time...But if you build things bigger than a breadbox you don't have a lot of space to keep them. Work space in an RV as you know is limited and usually shared as something else or with someone else. Working outside here in brush country TX. Is iffy due to winds and temperature , sometimes extreme. There are times that the wind blows the clipboard half way across the road. There are times when the temperature is over 100 or under 60.

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  1. LOL, know what you mean. We went from 3 full weeks of 4+ pages a day to 1 page lasting us 4 full days this week. Waiting for the coil tubing folks to decide when they are going to show up. Guess they better hurry if they want to see us, we are leaving in 2 weeks! Yee Haw! LOL