Tuesday, March 5, 2013


As you know we are working as “gate guards” or as I like to call us “gate attendants”. Any how the job entails a lot of down time that is pretty much unusable for anything besides knitting, surfing the net or thinking of things to do when you are off the gate and “home”.

I have a list
  1. Build a shed / workshop..I'm thinking 12 x 16 with a vaulted roof. Storage in the attic
  2. Screen in the back patio.
  3. Put a hitch on the wife’s SUV.
  4. Tear down the metal shed that houses the well fixtures and move the fixtures to the well location (at some point in the past the drilled a new well about 20 feet outside this shed.
  5. Put a hitch on the back of the 5er. Doable but complicated
  6. Run a power outlet for the 5er so we don't have to use an extension cord.
  7. Continue the board fence the rest of the way across the back yard. (about 60 feet)
That's the list for 40 days of working and does not include honey does.

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