Tuesday, April 23, 2013

just an explination

Of some stuff.
I opened this blog a time ago and opted to allow Google to post ads among the posts.

I thought it would be a good way to make a few pennies.

Now it comes to light that in the past I opened another account with Google under another email addy.

Google will only allow one account thus my recent account had been denied by Google untilI either close the other account or use the other account for the adds.

Pretty simple...NOT!!! I can't seem to access my old account nor can I retrieve the old password. I tried to combine the two accounts which in the end seemed to work ...NOPE  all looks well until you go to blogs and it takes you to different blogs.

I tried to contact Google several times NEVER NOT ONCE did Google even acknowledge my attempts. Nor BTW did they do anything....

So every once in a while I try to make something work with the two blogs. This probably causes some drunken sounding posts....Not to mention the new words you might learn while I am navigating the catacombs of Google land.

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