Saturday, May 4, 2013

Traffic and a Maple Tree

OK so last week I said I was bored with no traffic. This week we have the pipeline people putting in a line from this well to connect with the line across the street. Noe I realize that they are working on both sides of the road which involves two gates. That being said, these people drive in and out more than any other company that I have been involved in.

Yesterday two trucks went out, then returned and then went back out again, all within less than seven minutes. As I am writing this a truck came in and before I could close the gate he was coming back out...yup less than one minute.

Two things to note here ...We are required to keep the gate closed. And we are also required to sign a vehicle in and out each time it passes threw the gate.....This becomes a major pain with all “yoyo” traffic.

Enough bitching...On a good note ….we only have nine days remaining in the bush country. (not to be confused with the Bush country)...

I bought a Maple tree to take back to FL....I felt sorry for it at the local grocery store. They tried their damdest to kill it as they never watered it. I brought irt home and watered it and watered it.. it returned to a good looking thing as it was meant to be. Now it was doing soooo good that I kept on watering it and went to far.. I later found that my wife was also watering it....

The Maple tree looks pretty good but now the TX wind is trying to take all the leaves off..One concern that I have is the length of time it has been in the pot. Just holding my breath that it doesn’t get root rot or other complications...One other thing I didn't really consider is that it is nearly 10 fee tall ( sure didn't look that tall at the store). Was going to wrap it and carry it in the back of the truck but I think now it would be better off in the trailer. Roof is nearly nine feet in the kitchen area so it should fair OK even if I have to lean it a bit.

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